Vesicatoria is an industrial/dark ambient project of 831 formed in Minsk, Belarus. Created in 1998 it became a pioneer of dark ambient movement in the country. Memorable analogue sound evoked a wide response and positive reviews, also from such persons as Bad Sector.
831 (musician/designer born in 1984) records samples out of town, at factories and unusual places, uses wired musical instruments to create the unique sound of Vesicatoria, that in translation from Latin means the name of an insect - a certain type of flies used for genetic experiments in the laboratory, due to the rapid life cycle. He is a co-organizer of international festival DACH, took part at supporting concerts of Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin. Took part at TV-show and events “The Lost World”. 
Vesicatoria played with such famous projects as Bad Sector, Pan Sonic, Desiderii Marginis, SIGNAL and took part at different festivals in Europe and CIS. (Unsound Festival, IN TOUCH: Intercultural Collaboration, 
DACH, Crivia Aeterna, Rebel Noise, ElectroDox, etc.)
Self-Destructing Mechanism - (1999 - 2003)
Defect #...EP (2008)
Defect #...(2009)
Antimaterie (2011)
Section 3 ЕР (2012)
When the last light goes out (2013)
Void EP (2013)
Vesicatoria "Void" / C.I.O.E. "Neco "(2013)
Road-9 MINI CD (2013)
XV (2014)
Awakening (2015, Album was presented in Toronto, Canada)
During the years of creative work 831 made an invaluable contribution to the development of the electronic scene. Some other projects:
Violence 2173 – martial industrial
DECONSTRUCT MACHINE - power noize / harsh ebm